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House of Boateng a restaurant success

Chef Castro Boateng adjusts menu according to the seasons

  • Oct. 28, 2019 10:25 a.m.
  • – Story by Darcy Nybo Photography by Don Denton

When Castro Boateng discovered chefs could travel, he decided to be a
chef. He had his initial training at Humber College, Toronto and worked
in several area restaurants.

After finishing his schooling, he applied for a job at the
Prestigious Turnberry resort in Scotland, where he worked under European
Master Chefs Stewart Cameron and Colin Watson.

“It was in a golf resort with a Master European Chef that had been
there for 25 years. They were very strict, you had to wear black socks
and if you didn’t you and your whole team would be disciplined. It had
everything to do with paying attention to the small details. If you can
follow simple instructions, then you can pay attention to the small
details required when working in a high-end restaurant.”

From Scotland he went to the Cayman Islands and then to the Fairmont
Southampton in Bermuda. “I arrived after a hurricane and everyone pulled
together to rebuild the restaurant and achieve AAA Five Diamond rating.
Achieving the Five Diamond was amazing.”

Chef Castro returned to Canada and moved to Banff in 2005 as Chef de
Cuisine at another Five Diamond restaurant, Eden at the Rimrock Resort.
It was here he met his wife, Charlotte. They moved to Vancouver Island
in 2007 where he worked as a chef until he launched his catering

“Moving to the West Shore was a good choice. It was easy for us to
get into Victoria and also to go up island. I love the West Shore
because it’s a place where my family can grow. We have two boys, it’s a
great place to grow up.”

It’s been a little over a year since House of Boateng Café opened and
it’s already been nominated as one of the top 35 new restaurants in
Canada ( with the top 10 announced October
23, 2019.

“We opened quietly to give us time to get to know our guests and to
find out what they wanted,” said Chef. “People gave us great feedback.
As we’ve got better at what we were doing, it has got busier and

Chef attributes the restaurant’s success to his staff. “We have such
diversity of people here which gives us great perspectives of our
clientele. The clocks on our Café wall show the times of where some
staff are from, Ghana, England, Japan to name a few.

Chef Castro loves what he does. “For me food is conversation and
family time. We are so lucky to be able to out and forage for many
ingredients. I am constantly changing things to adjust to the season and
ingredients. I listen to our guests, and I want to give them something a
little different from what they are used to.”

When you go to House of Boateng there are two dishes that you must
try, according to their guests: the Crab Benny and the African Bowl.
“Our food is not typical breakfast and lunch,” said Chef. There’s a lot
of different flavours and it gives people the chance to step outside of
their comfort zone.”

This article originally appeared in the Goldstream News Gazette