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Interview by Anne Marie Moro

Chef Castro Boateng, born in Ghana, immigrated with his family to Canada when he was nine years old. After graduating from culinary school in Toronto, Castro worked under European Master Chefs at the prestigious Turnberry Resort in Scotland, followed by The Fairmont Southampton Princess in Bermuda, Chef de Cuisine of Eden, Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff, Alberta and, most recently, as Executive Chef at the Villa Eyrie Resort. He has lived in the West Shore with his wife and two sons for 11 years.

Q: What motivated you to open your restaurant, ‘The House of Boateng’, here in the West Shore? How’d we get so lucky?

A: Ever since we first moved here, we’ve been excited about living in Langford. We told people about this place and they would say, “Langford? Never heard of it. Why do you want live there?” For us, we’ve always felt a loving, genuine appreciation for this town. People told us we should open our business downtown; but, my wife and I wanted to be a part of this growing community. It’s like an extension of our family now. Even the balcony view from where we used to live, looked down on a little red house that stood right here where ‘The House of Boateng’ is today.
House of Boateng opens in Langford


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