For Anyone Who is Looking for a Great Breakfast in Langford

Imagine that it's 7 o'clock in the morning on a Wednesday in British Columbia. You have an excessive appetite, but you think that you've already tried all the great breakfast joints in town. Well, guess what. You can get an exceptional brunch or breakfast in Langford at House of Boateng any day of the week.

What is your breakfast pleasure?

At House of Boateng restaurant, you will find a splendid selection of dishes that will start any day the right way. For a super simple breakfast that won't weigh you down, opt to order beans on sourdough toast. Served with fragrant olive oil and fresh herbs, this easy nosh really gets you going. Other amazing start-the-day options include:

*Croque Madame  Prepared with smoked soy tempeh, fresh garden greens, sunnyside eggs, and gruyere cheese, this HOB specialty comes with confit potatoes deliciously prepared in duck fat.

* Hippie Benny  Wild mushrooms and braised greens are the perfect accompaniment to farm-fresh poached eggs and creamy stinging nettle Hollandaise sauce. Served with your choice of confit duck fat potatoes or spruce tip vinaigrette, the Hippie Benny provides a lovely eye-opening morning meal.

* HOB Wrap Spicy beans Jollof rice and pickled veggies turn ordinary scrambled hen's eggs into something that's rather amazing. Most folks who try this yummy spicy bean breakfast wrap tell their server they intend to come back for more.

  * Vegetarian Tagine  Poached Stone Bridge farm-fresh eggs served with couscous, North African veggies and dried fruit with Greek-style preserved lemons on the side.

* African Arancini  If you like Ghani cuisine, you're going to love this excellent breakfast dish. This African inspired stew comprises tomatoes, rice, Bocconcini mozzarella cheese balls, and shaved Parmesan cheese.

* Scotch Eggs in a Bird's Nest  Farm-fresh eggs from Stone Brook Farms start this dish to which our chef adds Moroccan spiced lamb meat, market greens, and crispy yam. Served with harissa dressing and toasted sunflower seeds.

* Island Bowl If you love lox, you've got to try this breakfast dish. Made with smoked wild caught salmon. Pickled sea asparagus, ancient grains, and Japanese knotweed, this delectable dish comes with elderflower vinaigrette and toasted hemp seeds on the side.

* Jerk Chicken Bowl In the mood for a tropical breakfast in Langford? You can't go wrong when you order a jerk chicken bowl that features bulgur wheat, crispy fried plantains, chayote squash, carrots, and beets. Mango-habanero salsa is the perfect accompaniment to this island-inspired breakfast in Langford.

Life is good in Langford, especially when you have a nutritious breakfast in your belly. Each of our breakfast in Langford options can be served with Fernwood Coffee. We decided that since their company stands for a lot of the things we believe it, we'd feature Fernwood as our house java.

Find House of Boateng at 105-2854 Peatt Road in Victoria, BC. For driving directions or reservations, give us a call at 778-432-2233

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