Regarding the eating new trends, brunch is an increasingly popular option. But what is it exactly? A brunch is merely a mix between breakfast and lunch, that is, a mid-morning meal. It is ideal for weekends that you wake up later or free days.

Among the advantages of this option to eat, is that you share with your friends by joining two meals in one. In this way, your cook less (or spend less) while you are enjoying without pressure because this activity is usually done on relaxed days.

The Origin of Brunch

Some culinary experts claim that the custom comes from England. Also, the origin of the name product of the union of the words breakfast+lunch is also British. Initially, the menu was the typical English breakfast based on eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, and beans. Currently, a few of these products are still included and replaced by more innovative and current dishes.

The origin is also attributed to the stop that farmers made at mid-morning to eat a snack. Another more "chic" theory speaks of a more aristocratic background. The mixture of breakfast and lunch that high society New Yorkers made when they returned from hunting on Sunday.

At Home or Outside?

Both options are valid: you can prepare a rich menu in the middle of the morning to share with your friends. But since the idea is to enjoy the day off, it is recommended that you select a beautiful place for the meeting. If you want to organize a brunch in Langford, the House of Boateng Food Inc team can assist you, to provide you and your guests with an excellent experience.

Suggestions and Recommendations for a Brunch

When organizing your meeting, consider these options. These are some of the most common dishes that are served on this type of occasion:

  1. Fruit: They cannot miss, be it fresh or in jams. Always consider seasonal fruits, to guarantee freshness and flavor. Original skewers or a salad are an ideal start.

  2. Bread: Surprise with several types of bread, both white and wholemeal, as well as toast and biscuits.

  3. Eggs: Eggs Benedictine, Shakshuka, Ranch eggs or Scottish eggs are a must in your brunch. They are the star dish.

  4. Drinks: Fruit, coffee, water or infusions are the most common. If the time of the days allows it, you can include a good wine or beer.

  5. Sweets: Pancakes, French Toasts, and Cupcakes are frequent the sweet brunch options. You can also include cookies. Prefer small-sized pieces for your guests to try them all.

  6. Additional: You should not miss sausages and various kind of cheeses. Also, include some creams and what is necessary to prepare canapés. The idea is for each guest to select the ingredients they want, and prepare them to their liking.

House of Boateng is Your Best Choice for a Brunch in Langford

If you want to enjoy a wonderful experience with your friends at midmorning, we are the ideal choice in Langford. We will provide your guests with the freshest ingredients, excellent personal attention, and truly delicious food. Let Chef Castro Boateng reward you with a spectacular morning. Visit us or contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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