Brunch Langford Enjoy company with friends and family at the best brunch in Langford. House of Boateng creates a unique atmosphere while serving brunch like you’ve never experienced it before. The results are simply delicious and the experience will leave you looking forward to revisiting our establishment time and time again. Brunch Langford

Lunch Specials Abbotsford
Dragon Fort Restaurant

If you are in the mood for a great lunch that doesn’t include a burger and fries, Dragon Fort Restaurant offers the most affordable and delicious lunch specials in Abbotsford. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to enjoy a generous and satisfying lunch. Please call us or visit us online to learn more.

Alec Bradley Cigars
Mikes Cigars

Mike’s Cigars sells the ever-popular Alec Bradley Cigars. This American Classic was a Tampa-style cigar of the early 20th century that was priced affordably, smooth tasting, sweet and offers a complex flavor that was and is still highly popular with smokers. For Alex Bradley cigars, visit

Car Driving Schools Brampton
Researching car driving schools in Brampton can be time-consuming. Trubicars can eliminate the time spent in looking at schools by recommending one that meets your chosen criteria. Let a Trubicars expert know whether you're looking for a male or female instructor, a single lesson or complete course, and other factors that will make a difference in your choice.