The Hottest New Cafe in Langford!

Creating a café space in Langford that is warm, welcoming, and delicious has been the goal of Chef Castro and it's finally a reality. Serving restaurant-style breakfast, brunch, and lunch, House of Boateng always serves up delicious comfort food with a unique twist and bold flavours.

The word café means different things to different diners. At House of Boateng, we brew and serve some of the best coffee you'll find West of the new Blue Bridge. We are essentially a restaurant but with casual counter service and a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere. The kind of place where you can sit back, relax, visit with friends, and enjoy a delicious drink, snack or meal.

Traditional Café Fare With A Twist

Chef Castro brings his Afro-Caribbean influences to traditional cafe food that will keep the residents of Langford and the Western Communities coming back for more. Our new café space is also available for wedding catering and other events in the evenings and on weekends. Everything that the House of Boateng Café serves from ready-made specials for quick breaks to full hot meals and catering finger food is made from original recipes and prepared according to Chef Castro's exacting standards.

Langford's Top Breakfast Brunch & Lunch Cafe

This is not your average Langford cafe food! You can tell just by reading our menu or checking out our daily specials that Chef Castro has created classic breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes that bring to mind home cooked meals back at home, but with an unexpected taste, flavour, or texture that make them special and memorable. The House of Boateng Cafe can get you in and out for breakfast or lunch in mere minutes, or you can sit down, relax, and take your time over your meal

As you approach the counter, you'll see our specials board. Each day you'll find a few special dishes that are made with local, seasonal ingredients. We always offer a few delicious options that are ready to go from the food counter with little preparation. We can have you in and out of the cafe in just a few minutes. Get back on the job, or back on the road in no time. Many of these dishes are greatest hits from our years as one of Victoria's top catering companies. Otherwise, have a look at what's on offer the day you come in, place your order at the counter, take a seat, and relax. We'll bring your delicious meal out to you when it's ready.