Where to Get a Great Cup of Coffee in Langford

Did you know that coffee is the second-most traded commodity on earth? It's true. The rich brown brew we know and love comes in just after oil in the world of global trade. Planetary citizens consume some 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day, and some of those cups are savored right here. Want a great cup of coffee in Langford? House of Boateng serves Fernwood coffee every day of the week.

A concise history of coffee

In Langford, we do love our coffee. You may have heard this story before, but it's interesting enough to share again. In Ethiopia, legend has it that the effect of coffee beans was discovered by a long-ago goat tender by the name of Kaldi who noticed that his animals were extra lively after nibbling the red fruits of an indigenous shrub. The behavior of Kaldi's goats was, of course, the effect of a natural compound called caffeine. Scientists say that caffeine is in the coffee bean to protect the plant from insects. All we can say is that coffee in Langford is especially delicious when it comes from Fernwood Coffee Company and you enjoy it at House of Boateng.

Coffee beans were not immediately considered to be something with which to make a beverage. Early on, people blended ripe coffee cherries with animal fat to create a chewy snack that was somewhat similar to the pemmican made by indigenous Americans. Some folks fermented the pulp of the coffee fruit and sipped it as a sort of wine. It was not until the 1400s that coffee beans were roasted, ground and brewed into the delicious drink we know as coffee in Langford today.

Coffee lovers throughout history

Rumor has it that famed French thinker Voltaire enjoyed 40 to 50 cups of coffee every day. Other notable coffee lovers include Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, who purportedly filled his cup with sugar before dissolving it with strong black coffee. According to biographer Joakim Garff, Kierkegaard consumed each super-sweet cup in a single gulp. French king Louis XV cultivated coffee plants in greenhouses on the grounds of the Versailles Palace. The king picked his coffee beans and roasted them himself, says Coffee Makers USA magazine.

Fernwood Coffee Company and House of Boateng

HOB serves Fernwood coffee at our restaurant because we see in Fernwood Coffee Company the same sort of devotion to the neighborhood and the globe that we feel here at House of Boateng. When you are in the mood for a flavorful mug of delicious coffee in Langford, drop by and enjoy a cup with us.

House of Boateng is conveniently located at 105-2854 Peatt Road in Victoria BC. Monday through Friday, we start serving breakfast and coffee in Langford at 7 o'clock in the morning. We serve brunch and lunch to 4 o'clock on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday, you are welcomed to join us for brunch from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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