Organizing a corporate event, both for a formal occasion or for an activity as an incentive must provide a unique experience to its attendees. Otherwise, the people will quickly forget the occasion. When this happens, usually the corporate objectives raised, are also lost.

Events constitute an excellent channel to motivate and improve the relationships of the internal actors of a company. It is also an excellent option to improve relations with customers and suppliers.

However, if the events are unique and unrepeatable, they have a lesser-known utility: they have a positive impact on the clients and the community. This improves the image of the company and contributes with mind awareness.

Preparing Corporate Events that Leave a Footprint

Is it possible today to be original with this kind of occasions? Of course. In addition to the topics to be discussed and the formats and contents, there are immense possibilities. You must use your imagination, thinking outside the box, and go beyond. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  1. Be Original with the Location

The classic hotel lounge has undoubted advantages. It has all the services and amenities. But having been so used reduces the power of impact and does not suppose a unique or distinctive experience for the attendees.

That is why the first recommendation is to surprise attendees with alternative places. Nowadays it is possible to rent all kinds of spaces, many of them adapted to the demands of this type of meetings. In the case of House of Boateng, we have a bright and new unconventional space to impress your guests. If you need to organize events in Victoria, you can contact our team, and we will gladly assist you.

  1. Impress with Multimedia Resources

Today there is a lot of technology available to delight your guests. These are some ideas:

  • Video projection: nowadays you can make the projections in 3D, instead of the traditional 2D. Even today you can use increased reality, which is a step beyond the 3D content.

  • Holograms: they are images of great impact that give the false sensation that people are levitating, or doing some activity.

  • Drones: these gadgets are fashionable, and your guests will rave about recording videos or taking selfies through these gadgets.
  1. Take Advantage of External Human Resources

You can invite or hire professionals from different disciplines to energize the event. They will help entertain, provide added value, capture attention and surprise. The possibilities are many:

  • Gurus, experts and people with great experience and full recognition in a specific sector or topic.

  • If you are looking for something more informal, you can use speakers, presenters comedians, or actors.

The great advantage of today is that through the Internet you can organize activities such as video conferences. That significantly reduces costs and increases the possibilities.

Trust the Best for Your Event

If you want to organize corporate events in Victoria, The House of Boateng offers you 800 square feet to the delight of your guests. In addition to the excellent facilities with its high ceilings and modern amenities, you will have the experience of Chef Castro and his team. You can organize exceptional events for 40 seated guests, or 50 reception-type attendees. Contact us and share your vision with us, we will be happy to assist you.

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