Enjoying a good meal, with an excellent conversation is undoubtedly a pleasure. However, what happens if that meal is made with an executive, and there is the possibility of starting or closing an important contract? In those moments, you become the image of the company, and what happens on that occasion can be decisive for the success of the negotiation.

The Importance of Business Lunches

This kind of meetings is vital for executives. They are excellent occasions to obtain crucial information and even close agreements with potential clients or suppliers. On these occasions, there are demonstrations of esteem, affection, and recognition. Also, it is a powerful sign of confidence, giving both parties the sensation that they will benefit from the negotiation.

Carrying out these types of appointments implies taking care of the details, and not leaving anything to chance. This is why you should plan the appointment very well. This is the key factor for the meeting to go according to your expectations and conclude in a way that is beneficial for you and your company. It is essential that you know the secrets to the success of this type of lunch.

Search for the Right Place

Choose relaxed and sober environments. Noisy spaces are not convenient. Also with loud music, bars or night spots, since the meeting can be distorted. It is recommended that you choose a site that has a varied menu, especially if you do not know the tastes of your guests.

It is also imperative that customer service is of the highest quality. For example, in the case of The House of Boateng, one of our three pillars is customer service, which makes us an ideal choice for these meetings. If you wish to organize a lunch in Langford with your potential partners, please contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

What to order?

Regarding the type of food, choose those that are easy to handle. Some foods, such as ribs, could encourage the use of hands, and that would compromise your manners and your clothing.

Select the Right Time to Speak Business

Simply put things in context before starting the business. Try simple topics, which do not imply political positions, personal information or sensitive subjects. It is also recommended that you indicate why you chose the place for the occasion. In case you make your business lunch in Langford with us, express that the freshness of our ingredients and the experience and personal touch of Chef Castro seemed like a great idea to entertain your guest.

Once the conversation is relaxed, it's time for business. Remember that these meetings can only be informative or approximate. In that sense, do not try to reach an agreement if it is not the time. Making big advances will already make the occasion successful.

House of Boateng is Your Best Choice

For that lunch in Langford, whether business or something more informal, we are waiting for you and your guests to provide you with a unique experience. We believe in taking care of people, so we assure you that you and your guests will feel at home from the first moment. Also, our cuisine is merely exceptional, which will make the occasion excellent, satisfying and positive. Visit us; we will be happy to assist you.

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